Antique Replica
Lovingly Handmade In The USA
By Mary Benner

Aprox 24" Tall

Photography By Allen Benner





This beautiful Bru Jne 13 Doll features the following:

1. Beautifully handpainted head, poured in fine white porcelain from our own molds.
2. A jointed French composition body with Bru label. 

Photo  Photo
3. Beautiful Blue/Gray British Paperweight high lens glass paperweight eyes.

                                     Photo  Photo

4. Gorgeous, very long, pale blond MOHAIR wig custom made for this doll by wig artist Wendy Feidt.  A CORK pate is under the wig. 

                                      Photo     Photo                                                                            

5.  The dress on this doll was made of a delicate, soft and silky hand dyed silk satin in a rose color. The skirt on this dress is overlaid with delicate silk chiffon.  Antique lace and vintage laces, ombre French ribbon and velvet buds decorate this garment.  Antique fire opal buttons in old brass settings grace the back of the dress.

                                         Photo   Photo

                                      Photo  Photo         


6.  A matching bonnet made out of the same fabrics used in the dress and decorated with china silk ribbons, antique and new vintage millinery flowers and ostrich feathers compliment the dress.  Included with the bonnet are 4 pretty beaded hat pins that can be used to anchor the bonnet to the head of the doll.  

6. The shoes were custom made by doll shoe maker, Fran Quinn.  They are made of the same silk as the dress over LEATHER with silk rosettes decorating the shoe and leather soles. The soles of the shoes are tooled and bear a BRU stamp. 

          Photo Photo Photo

 7.  The doll has hand made crochet stockings.

             Photo Photo Photo

 8. The undergarments were made using an actual child's antique Edwardian baby gown and decorated with silk ribbons and blue and pink embroidery flowers.  The pantaloons are made of cotton and edged with lace.

9. Her other accessories will include a pearl necklace with matching hand made earrings. And she also comes with her own tiny porcelain doll. The doll has a painted face and pale blond mohair wig, the costume is sewn and includes cotton pantaloons, full slip and a pleated dress made of pink silk dupioni and a lace bonnet.

               Photo Photo Photo

10. A tapestry covered stand.

11. Hand signed by Mary Benner

12. The Doll Comes With A Certificate of Authenticity