BRU JNE 13  "Josette"



Bru Jne 13 "Josette"

Antique Replica

Lovingly Handmade In The USA
By Mary Benner

Aprox 31" Tall

Photography By Allen Benner




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This lovely Bru Jne, name Josette, she is 31" tall. She is one of my last of the big dolls over 28" tall and has The Following Features:

1. Beautifully handpainted head, breast plate, and arms poured in fine white porcelain from our molds. Her legs are composition.

2. This doll has a genuine CORK FILLED LEATHER BRU CHEVOT body with Bru label.

3. Gorgeous light blue solid glass British paperweight high lens eyes.

Please note: This doll has a slight imperfection which is a tiny black speck on the side of her nose.  The black speck is an iron speck that was in the porcelain slip.  The antique dolls often had similar imperfections and in my opinion does not detract from the overall beauty or quality of this doll. 

 4. Lovely, blond, custom made mohair wig with tails by wig artist Wendy Feidt.

5.  The dress this doll is wearing is made of blue silk dupioni and decorated with ANTIQUE LACE, silk ribbons and blue rosette ribbon flowers. 


THE BONNET is made of the same fabric as the dress and decorated with silk ribbons, velvet buds and silk flowers.  On the front brim of the bonnet is a beautiful vintage rhinestone broach. 

6. The slip and pantaloons this doll is wearing was made from a real antique Edwardian slip with beautiful lace inserts.

7.  The stockings this doll is wearing are hand crocheted and her shoes are made from the fabric of the dress,  silk over leather with leather soles and heels with a ecru rosette made by the late Greta Smith.

9. Her accessories will include a pearl necklace and matching earrings, a ANTIQUE doll, an antique brass Be'be' pin and a purse.


10. A tapestry covered stand.

11. Hand signed by Mary Benner

12. The Doll Comes With A Certificate of Authenticity


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