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antique replica



Makes a 30 to 31" doll Fits a compo body of 24 to 25"

Head Circum 14"  Features High lens solid glass blue eyes and a cork pate. 

Note:  I rarely every have a doll head available for sale,  especially not a beautifully painted Bru head.  But when I do, I usually sell the head for over $600.  However because there are a few very tiny pin size black flecks in this doll head, I have lowered my asking price and offering free USA shipping too!  As you can see, this is a beautiful head and will make a gorgeous Bru doll. 


I have enlarged the photo of the left eye on this doll head so you can see the tiny pin size black flecks located on the outer right edge near her eye.  Because these flecks are tiny, do not take away from the beauty of this head and antique dolls often have flecks like this in their porcelain, I am not going to call this a flaw, but you might.  If the flecks in this doll head bother you, this doll head is not for you. 

These pin size black flecks are caused from tiny particles of iron in the porcelain slip.  When fired,sometimes the iron particles make their way to the surface of the porcelain.  Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent it as these particles cannot be seen until after the firing.