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F15 -  Lavender Silk Dupioni Remnant  - ONLY ONE PC. AVAILABLE 1 yd long 51" wide - $15.00 . 



F14 - Kismet Silk Dupioni - 1 yds long 54" wide - A Blue silk fabric with a rose shot,  made from misty blue and rose petal silk threads.  Hand made fabric.  $23.00



F16 -  Flower & Stripe Tapestry  - 1 yds 13" long 56" wide. This gorgeous embroidered tapestry fabric is medium weight and features rose colored stripes and flowers.  The back side of the fabric is different from the front.  High end fabric. .   $38.00


F12 - Elegant Orange Silk Dupioni - 2 yds available  55" wide - A lovely subdue orange silk fabric, not too bright, elegant, made from dark rust and pale orange silk threads.  Hand made fabric..The doll in the photo is wearing a costume made from this fabric.   $20.00  per yd.   $40.00 2 yards

F12 - Elegant Orange Silk Dupioni


F10 -  Embroidery brocade, vintage, blue background.  Fabric measures 1 yard long and 30" wide.  $16.00  



F09 -  Raspberry color vintage silk dupioni remnant. measures 20" long and 44" wide.  $12.00        



F07 -  Silver/Green crinkle, metallic silk organza, vintage remnant. This piece of fabric is vintage, the color of sea glass, measures 2 1/2 yards long and 21"wide: The color is a silvery green made from green silk threads and silver metal threads. $20.00




F08 - Green silk dupioni.  Measures 1 yard and 54" wide.  $20.00





F05 -  Multi Stripe Taffeta.  Beautiful Multi striped taffeta - rare find.  High end fabric, stripes of gold, mauve and purple with tiny metallic gold stripes on a black background.  This fabric was used to make the skirt of the gypsy doll in the photo.  This fabric is 2 yards long, 44" wide   $35.00



F01 -  Periwinkle - Vintage - Remnant,    32.5" long, 27" wide  This piece of fabric has a 4"x3" square cut out of one end.  The fabric is unique vintage, material is either silk, rayon or a combination of both,  not exactly sure.  The color is periwinkle blue and is decorated with silver beads, pearls and raspberry colored embroidery diamonds.  $20.00   






 F11 -  Waterstone Silk Dupioni   - 1 yd long 54" wide - This silk dupioni fabric is called waterstone but the color reminds me of a light milk chocolate, it is made from a combination of very pale lavendar and dark champagne silk threads. Hand made Fabric   $20.00