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1. When purchasing more than 1 item,  we will try to give you combine shipping cost to save you money on shipping, if you are using the shipping cart you will be charged a shipping cost on each item, contact us and we will adjust shipping cost and send you a shipping refund through paypal or just contact us with the items you want to purchase and we will issue a paypal invoice on your order with the combine shipping cost. 


3. We cannot give fabric samples because most of these fabrics are one yard and under with a few exceptions.

4. All fabric sales are final.



F31 - BABY PINK silk dupioni - A pale pink silk. 1 yard long 54" wide. . Only 1 yard available,   $22.00 plue $4.87 shipping


F29 - DUSTY ROSE PEACH silk satin charmeuse - 1 yard long 45" wide. . Only 1 yard available,   $25.00 plue $4.87 shipping


F28 - ALPINE ROSE silk dupioni - A pale pink silk with a touch of peach. 1 yard long 54" wide. . Only 1 yard available,   $22.00 plue $4.87 shipping


F27 - TEA ROSE silk dupioni - 1 yard long 54" wide. . Only 1 yard available,   $22.00 plue $4.87 shipping


F26 - Chocolate Mousse silk dupioni - 1 yard long 54" wide. This beautiful handmade silk is made of Bronze and Burgundy silk threads to acheive this very rich bronze with burgundy highlights two tone color.  Only 1 yard available,   $22.00 plue $4.87 shipping




F12 - Elegant Orange Silk Dupioni - 2 yds available  55" wide - A lovely subdue orange silk fabric, not too bright, elegant, made from dark rust and pale orange silk threads.  Hand made fabric..The doll in the photo is wearing a costume made from this fabric.   $20.00  per yd. Plus $4.87 shipping.




F10 -  Embroidery brocade, vintage, blue background.  Fabric measures 1 yard long and 30" wide.  $12.00   plus $4.87 shipping.



F19 -  Off White CHIFFON Fabric, Embroidered & Beaded. This Chiffon fabric is slightly off white,  not a cream or ivory.  It has tiny vines with leaves embroidered throughout the fabric and beaded with tiny silver beads, white bugle beads and white sequins.  There are 2 pieces, 1 pc measures 1 yard 10"  long by 28" wide and the other measures 27" Long by 24" wide.  $15.00 includes both pieces.  Plus $6.25 shipping.


F22 - CHINA SILK, antique rose. Only 1 yard by 27" pc of this fabric available. $12.00 Plus $4.87 shipping 


F23 -  Lovely, high end 100% SILK TAFFETA in an embroidered gingham. This lovely fabric has a tiny gingham print which makes it perfect for doll costumes. The color is a golden tan with dark and light squares that are a brownish burgundy & brownish green in color with little embroidered dots in the center of each square. This high end fabric has a nice sheen and texture.  Only 1 yard 54" wide is available. $22.00 Plus $4.87 shipping


F30 - ROSE tapestry fabric  - 1 yard long 56" wide. . Only 1 yard available,   $27.00 plue $8.87 shipping