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F007 -  Silver/Green crinkle, metallic silk organza, vintage remnant. This piece of fabric is vintage, measures 2 1/2 yards long and 21"wide: The color is a silvery green made from green silk threads and silver metal threads. $20.00


F008 - Green silk dupioni.  Measures 1 yard and 54" wide.  $18.00


F004 - Remnants - pale yellow & blue fabric plus floral trim.  This is for 4 pieces of a pale yellow (almost ivory) creamy satin fabric with country blue stripes, soft & silky,   very pretty, perfect for doll clothes.  Each piece measures APPROX 25" long and 18"wide.  INCLUDED is 2 yards of matching pale yellow and blue floral trim. $16.00



F005 -  Multi Stripe Taffeta.  Beautiful Multi striped taffeta - rare find.  High end fabric, stripes of gold, mauve and purple with tiny metallic gold stripes on a black background.  This fabric was used to make the skirt of the gypsy doll in the photo.  This fabric is 2 yards long, 44" wide   $35.00

F006 -  Bronze Metallic Crinkle Silk Organza. This was a very hard fabric to photograph so true color would come through.  This fabric is a lovely bronze/coppery color, very pretty.  Crinkle METALLIC SILK ORGANZA. Hard to find fabric.  This piece measures 2 yards and 35" wide (when stretched). $18.00


F001 -  Periwinkle - Vintage - Remnant,    32.5" long, 27" wide  This piece of fabric has a 4"x3" square cut out of one end.  The fabric is unique vintage, material is either silk, rayon or a combination of both,  not exactly sure.  The color is periwinkle blue and is decorated with silver beads, pearls and raspberry colored embroidery diamonds.  $20.00   


F003 -  Cream embroidery taffetta fabric   1 yd 23" long  58" wide  I think this fabric maybe a polyester/ rayon fabric but not sure, feels like taffeta.  Floweres are embroidered in colors of dark & light peach, blue, with tiny coppery sequins peppered through the fabric.   $18.00  

F002 -  Dark Purple Silk Dupioni Remnant ,   1 yd 7" long 18" wide   $12.00


F003 -  Country Blue Silk Taffeta Remnant - 2 yds long 29" wide - Some pieces cut from both ends.  Very hard to photograph color correctly, fabric is a soft country blue.   $12.00