FG Lady Doll  "Lily" 





FG Lady Doll "Lily"

Antique Replica
Lovingly Handmade In The USA
By Mary Benner

Aprox 15" Tall

Photography By Allen Benner


"Lily" is a one of a kind doll

and designed by Mary Benner

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Price $1897.00

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Interesting Facts:

Francois Gauthier began his doll company in 1860 in Saint Maurice and Charenton, province of Seine on the outskirts of Paris, France. In 1875 he changed the spelling of his company and surname to Gaultier due to a court lawsuit that turned out to be a mistaken identity. Gaultier made Fashion Lady dolls, also called Poupée de Mode from 1860 to1916, Bebe's with open or closed mouth from 1879 to1900 and small All Bisque dolls and other porcelain doll parts.

"Lily" is 15" tall from the top of her head to her toes, she has the following features:

1. Lily's head, shoulder plate, lower arms and legs has been poured from fine porcelain and expertly painted by the artist using several photos of antique FG dolls as painting guides.

Lily's legs are porcelain with painted on boots.


2. Lily's body is made from genuine LEATHER. It is cork stuffed and a wire armature has been inserted from arm to arm. The leather on the body has been "antique" in order to create the look of "aged leather".



3. Lily has solid glass eyes.

4. The wig Lily is wearing is made from pale blonde English mohair, custom made, hand designed, and signed and dated by wig artist Wendy Feidt.  She has a CORK pate under her wig.



Lily's costume is a real antique lady doll costume!

5. The costume Lily is wearing is a real antique costume. It made from what appears to be antique silk satin in a dark pink color wth an over lay of antique beaded black lace netting. Because of the age of this garment, the black lace netting has some minor holes here and there which can be expected with an antique doll costume and it no way takes away from the beauty of this garment. Tiny black BEADS are peppered throughout the black netting. This costume has two pieces, and full skirt and a tailored jacket. The artist added some antique black, velvety looped trim to the bottom of the skirt. Also the artist added tiny antique pink rhinestone buttons to the jacket.




The Bonnet

Lily's bonnet is made from silk velvet, antique black lace, black silk ribbon, black boa feathers and antique beads. The bonnet comes with two hand designed beaded hat pins.


6. The undergarments Lily is wearing include a corset made of antique cotton and overlaid with black French lace, a half slip made from a antique Edwardian baby gown and cotton pantaloons.

 7. Lily's accessories include a black beaded necklace and matching earrings. 

8.  Lily comes with a tapestry covered metal stand, a certificate of authenticity and is signed and dated by Mary Benner
























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