Antique Replica of a EJ Jumeau




Manuel With His Lovely Bride, Carmen

Antique Replica of a EJ Jumeau Doll

Lovingly Handmade In The USA

By Mary Benner

Approx 24" tall

Photography By Allen Benne

Manuel has the following features:
1. Beautifully hand painted head, poured in fine white porcelain.

2. He has a handmade composition jointed French body.  

3. Blue, solid glass British paperweight eyes.

4. Lovely lamb skin wig, custom made by wig artist Wendy Fiedt.

About the costume:
5.  Manuel has a 5 piece costume that consists of a jacket, vest, pants, vest, ruffle tie and hat.  The jacket, pants and hat were made from a vintage taupe colored crushed velvet, lined with the same silk used on the gown of his bride and trimmed with lace. His costume is fully lined in silk.  The lining in his costume is also made of silk.
The rhinestone buttons on the jacket and vest are antique. 

6. Manuel has crochet stocking and silk over leather hand made shoes by Fran Quin.  The shoes have leather soles and heels and are marked Jumeau.                       





Carmen with her handsome Prince