Te'te' Jumeau

Antique Replica

Lovingly Handmade In The USA
By Mary Benner

Aprox 28" to 30" Tall

Photography By Allen Benner


If Interested or have any questions about this doll

Contact Us At:    dollsbymarybenner@gmail.com

If you would like to speak to the artist, send us your phone number in an email and she will call you back.


This Doll Will Be Made With the Following Features:

1. Beautifully handpainted head, poured in fine white porcelain from our own molds.
2. A jointed French composition body.
3. GLASS eyes. Collector can CHOOSE either BLUE or BROWN eyes either standard round glass paperweights or British paerweight eyes. **Price difference between standard glass eyes and British eyes see below.

4. Gorgeous,  mohair wig, custom made by wig artist Wendy Fiedt.

5.  This doll will come with a lovely cream colored hand made silk dupioni dress with bonnet both decorated in antique and imported lace and silk ribbons. 

6. The shoes will be custom made of leather and decorated with a buckle or silk rosette. 

**Optional hand made leather shoes by Fran Quin, add $110.00 to price of dolls. 

 7.  The doll will have knit stockings.

 8. The undergarments will include cotton and lace trim pantaloons, full slip and corset.

9. Her other accessories will include a pearl necklace with matching hand made earrings.  **Optional beaded fabric purse is EXTRA,  add $125.00 to price and note that it may look different than photo as the purse in the photo was made from antique parts and beads which may not be able to duplicate. 

10. A tapestry covered stand.

11. Hand signed by Mary Benner

12. The Doll Comes With A Certificate of Authenticity

**I have one opening in 2015 for this doll, that slot will be filled on a first come basis.  A deposit of $50.00 is required to insure your place for this doll in the 2015 calendar year and will be deducted from the cost of the doll.  Once work begins,  a $150.00 deposit is required to help with cost of materials used in your doll.  Work on this doll can take anywhere from 4 to 6 months and final payment plus shipping cost is due upon completion.  Or payments can be made on a monthly basis, whichever collector prefers.

$2227.00 Plus Shipping

**PLEASE NOTE:  No doll is exactly the same.  Each doll will look very similar but slightly different from the original in the photos.  The lace used in the costume will vary according to availability, but it will be the same color and look very similar.  Antique lace will be used whenever possible and costume may have a combination of imported and antique lace.  

Upon completetion the collector will get a full set of photos via email of the doll they have ordered and have a right of refusal if not happy with the doll, at which point they will be issued a full refund. If you have any questions regarding this,  email us at dollsbymarybenner@gmail.com 

If you need to talk to with the artist, email us your phone number to dollbymarybenner@gmail.com and the artist will call you back as soon as she can. 


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1. We ship by USPS priority mail and priority mail international. 
2. The cost of shipping is entirely based upon the weight of the item, size of the package and the location the item is being sent to.  
3. **Insurance is extra and optional, the price of the insurance is based on whatever USPS charges on the amount being insured.